Welcome To About Nutrition

Welcome To About Nutrition

Welcome to About Nutrition, the home of scientifically-sound nutritional information and services. Some of the goals of this website are to provide you with nutritional information, practical ways on how to make lifestyle changes, for the individual, as well as in the workplace, and contact details to get in touch with a qualified dietician or wellness promoter.

To assist in managing a healthy lifestyle in all dimensions of your life!

Live the difference!

Lifestyle Change

So you’ve noticed lately that your favourite pair of jeans is really fitting tightly across the rear section of your human delineation…

Desperate times call for desperate measures! So you turn to the newest fad diet posted against your fridge.
Deprivation! Monotony! Hunger! Oooh, the hunger!

Feelings of deprivation can sabotage the best-laid diet plans. It is not about the diet plan as such, but more about making choices for yourself; that is sustainable and healthy, with the additional benefit of keeping the kilos at bay.

In order to kick-start your new health journey, let Marga von Rauenstein assess your lifestyle, take your medical and diet history and provide you with an individualized eating plan.

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Our Services

Private Practice

  • Individualized eating plans based on energy & nutritional requirements
  • Laboratory blood tests – to screen for any deficiencies or medical conditions
  • ImuPro – testing for IgG antibodies which leads to intolerances to foods that is possibly hindering optimal health
  • GenePro – genetic testing that matches your personal genetic profile with your nutritional profile and lifestyle factors

Food @ Work

  • Nutrition surveys
  • Cafeteria assessments & interventions
  • Nutrition talks & workshops
  • Nutrition protocols
  • Fighting fatigue: feeding schemes

Promoting Health

  • Team building events
  • Jumpstart wellness weekends
  • Zumba Fitness™ corporate events: Party yourself into shape!
  • Newsletters
  • Employee wellness programmes

Employee Wellness

The health of a company is directly proportional to the health of its employees.

Health care costs are increasing at a startling rate, affecting productivity in the workplace, which cost companies and businesses billions each year…

Providing nourishing food to employees, even at a cost to the employee, can improve quality of life and work. Thus, looking at an employee wellness programme that addresses the issues of nutrition, optimal health and wellness is critical.

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